NPIP Participant

We participate in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP), a voluntary, free program that was established in the 1930s by the United States Department of Agriculture as a joint, cooperative program with federal, state, and industry partners. NPIP regulates egg-transmitted and hatchery-disseminated diseases of poultry and establishes standards for evaluation and certification of poultry flocks and hatching eggs which keeps flocks free from devastating poultry diseases. Over 95 percent of the United States’ breeding and hatching industry participates in NPIP. In Florida, the program is administered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). While participation in NPIP is voluntary, flocks must first qualify as “Pullorum-Typhoid Clean.”

You can see our NPIP status here (we’re on page 27).

In order to protect Florida’s poultry industry from serious disease outbreaks, the Florida NPIP Program tests for the following highly contagious diseases, which pose a serious threat to the economic viability of the state’s poultry industry.

The objective of the Florida NPIP Program is to monitor for, and prevent/control, poultry diseases that can be devastating to the state’s poultry industry. Part of this objective is to provide education and assistance to backyard flock owners (noncommercial birds and other poultry) on best management practices for disease prevention and control.

The program also provides guidance in maintaining sanitary environments for raising poultry and implementing biosecurity measures to protect flocks from disease as well as prevent disease.

This is why we do not allow visitors to visit the birds on our farm. A pathogen could be on your shoe and infect our entire flock.

Please ask is you would like to see more pictures of birds or habitats beyond what we have provided on our website or social media. We’re happy to share. This is also why we only add birds to our flock that come from NPIP compliant poultry operations. It is also why we do not accept returns or exchanges on birds.

To become an NPIP Participant, a participant must:

  • Submit a completed application to FDACS, Division of Animal Industry.
  • Have premises and facilities inspected and approved by an FDACS inspector.
  • Confirm the flock tested negative for Pullorum-Typhoid.

Participation in the NPIP program will help maintain a healthy poultry industry in the state of Florida and allow flock owners ease in moving hatching eggs and live birds to shows and exhibitions. FDACS will issue a certification card and flock approval number once flocks qualify for NPIP. To maintain NPIP status, flocks must be tested annually.

We practice specific biosecurity procedures as suggested by the USDA.

Visit the USDA website to learn how you can help “Defend the Flock”.