How we care for our Chicks

Fertile eggs are collected from our hens each evening and stored for no more than 7 days at 60-65 degrees and 75% humidity, with daily rotations. We then set the eggs in our incubator for their 21 day incubation period.

When chicks hatch, they are removed to a heated brooder which is housed in our climate controlled barn, which is distanced from our main chicken area. This is important towards maintaining biosecurity. Chicks are kept at 95 degrees for the first week and provided fresh medicated chick feed and water multiple times a day. We try to avoid lots of handling of the chicks during the first week or two as it can stress the chicks and lower their immune response to natural pathogens in the environment.

We guarantee all of our chicks will be healthy when they leave with you, but can make no guarantees beyond that as chicks are very fragile and stress, slight variations in temperature, or even your home environment can quickly affect their health. One week old chicks require that they be kept at 95 degrees the first week, reducing by 5 degrees each week until they feather out. Beyond temperature, common pathogens such as coccidia can live in environments and even if you have birds now, they might have an immunity. When the new chicks are exposed to your birds’ bacteria, the load can quickly overload their undeveloped immune systems.

Our NPIP/AI certification will be renewed May 26, 2020.

We will We do not offer refunds or exchanges of livestock.