Ayam Cemani

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The rarest chicken in the world

First imported to the U.S. in 2014 by Greenfire Farms, the Ayam Cemani is so rare that it is called the “Lamborghini of Chickens”.

The chicken originally hails from the Island of Java in Indonesia.

All Black inside and out

These chickens have all black feathers, beaks and feet… with some feathers showing iridescent green in the sun.

Their meat is also black, and for that reason they have been seen as mystical birds in their homeland and are often used in rituals.

Chicks are born with minimal white spotting, which clears with adult feathers. Some adults show rose flushing in comb when excited or hot.

Contrary to popular belief their blood is not black.

Ayam Cemanis are a medium sized bird with hens at 4lbs. and roos at 4-6lbs.

Breed Standard

Ayam Cemanis are not yet recognized by the American Poultry Association, but Dutch standards for perfection are as follows (The Happy Chicken Coop):

  • The bird should stand upright, alert – almost ‘game-like’.
  • The body is of medium size, slim, firm and muscular.
  • It will have a fairly broad breast and a medium back sloping from neck.
  • The wings are long and strong arising from wide shoulders.
  • The tail is held moderately high.
  • Thighs are powerful and muscular.
  • The bird should have 4 toes to each foot.
  • Feathers are all black and are close fitting to the body.
  • Skin, eyes, wattles and comb should all be black.
  • No other color should be seen.
  • The feathers may show a beetle-green to purple iridescence in sunlight.
Best for making an impression

The Ayam Cemani hen lays about 80 average-sized, cream-colored eggs per year–in a cycle of 20-30 eggs followed by a 3-6 month “resting” broody period.  For this reason, they are best as pets for fanciers or those who won’t rely on them exclusively for a household egg supply. While a bit “flightier” than your average chicken, ours are hand raised and quite docile.

Be the envy of your chicken friends when you add this flock to your back yard.