Ayam Oleno

Looking for an affordable Ayam Cemani hybrid?

Look no further.

Luna, Ayam Oleno Pullet, August 2018, 2 months

Our Ayam Oleno line was born and raised right here in North Central Florida hatched from fertile eggs from our Ayam Cemani hen “Erzulie” and our Buff Orpington roo “MF”.

Cassiopeia, Ayam Oleno hen, August 2018, 2 months

The Ayam Cemani breed is prized for beauty, but since they are from the island of Java in Indonesia, they are also very heat tolerant, although they are not usually broody and only lay abou t80 eggs per year. The Buff Orpington is a dual purpose egg/meat breed with a much higher egg production.

Cyrus, Ayam Oleno cockerel, August 2018, 2 months

These babies have the Ayam Cemani fibro melanistic genes but their white patterning mimics a Silver Laced Orpington or Barnvelder.

The roos should mature around 5-6 pounds and the hens around 4-5 pounds.

If you love the look of Ayam Cemanis, but don’t love the expense for such an exotic breed, this could be the perfect chick for you.

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