Picking up Your Chicks from Oleno Farm

Different flocks have different levels of natural immunity to common pathogens.  It’s important not to transfer these between flocks. For this reason, we do not allow visitors to our chicken habitats as we do not wish to expose our birds to unknown potential disease vectors. Quite simply, you could have chickens at home that seem perfectly healthy, but they have different pathogens that they have immunity to, but our chickens don’t… or visa versa. These invisible pathogens are impossible to detect and we like to play it safe. This protects your new chicks, too!

Pre-paid Pick up Saturday

Our farm hours are Saturdays 10-4 pm by appointment.

When you purchase, add a comment and let us know a two-hour time frame during that time that you will be picking them up. On Saturday morning, text us and let us know that you are on your way. We will then safely and securely box your chicks up and have them waiting for you when you arrive. We will have you stay in your car and we will load the chicks in for you. If you do not pick up your chicks on Saturday, you will forfeit your purchase. By purchasing these chicks you agree to these terms. If you are unavailable on Saturday, please see our separate listing where you can purchase a different pick-up time for $10.

Shop and Set up before you pick up your chicks

If you need to pick up supplies, there are feed stores in High Springs and Alachua. Supplies are also available at Rural King and Tractor Supply in Gainesville and Lake City. We have linked the items we recommend to Amazon through our affiliates account if you–like us–like to order everything on Amazon. Plan to have all of your supplies in place and set up at home BEFORE you pick up your chicks.

Leaving your chicks in the car while you “just run in for a few minutes” is dangerous and can create stress on the chicks due to temperature variations and extremes. You also will want to avoid exposing your chicks to pathogens that are common in establishments that sell chicks and chicken supplies to the public. Here is a quick link to search for feed stores in the area. We also recommend Amazon and have provided linked images below when we recommend a product.

When  you get the chicks home

When you get your chicks home, you’ll want to give them time to adjust. They’ve just left the only home they’ve ever known. Once they’re settled in, give them a few hours to recover from their journey. There will be lots of peeping, that’s ok.

Try adding a few dried meal worms to their box so the begin to associate you with food and treats.

On the second day home, you can begin handling your chicks. Wait, who are we kidding–you’re never gonna wait 24 hours! In any case, closely supervise children when holding chicks. Even very young chicks can fly and a fall from a couple of feet can be deadly. Be careful and patient with your little peepers and your little humans.